Our Baristas


Meet our Baristas

Take a moment to learn more about the Colossi's team who help make us who we are!



This lovely lady is a barista by day and a photographer by night. Though she doesn't really like her picture taken, she does have a passion for photography and can be found shooting photos of pretty much anything, but prefers to take photos of nature. She loves working at Colossi's because of the team here and always makes each customer feel like a friend with her easy-going vibes that she's handing out. 



Sandy is another friendly face you will catch in the mornings! But can you keep up with her outside of Colossi's? She is super active and enjoys staying outside as much as possible! We've been told she can pretty much take all of us on with pull-ups. She loves her customers and they bring her joy with each visit to the shop. Come on in to see Sandy and she will take good care of you! 



Like a ninja of the night, we finally caught up to Michelle! While chatting with her, she would consider herself none other than a 'jack of all trades, master of none', but if you've met this lovely barista, then you know that is further from the truth. While she is a busy mum at home, she also works between Colossi's and the Whistle Stop. She loves every second of her busy life and enjoys all the friendly faces she gets to greet at Colossi's. 



This lady right here is a girl you can catch some week nights after her busy schedule with school and sports. What sports you may ask? You may not have guessed it, but she plays Rugby. She has a passion for latte art and has created some of the gorgeous art you will see featured amongst our website and instagram. 



Everest would be the most recent addition to our barista team. He is spending his nights here after school learning the art of coffee and enjoying the process so much, when he isn't playing Rugby as well (not with Britanie, though he thinks he's a little better at it than her)! He's actually a former member of the Whistle Stop team, before making his way onto Colossi's team and hearts.



When she isn't dancing and singing with our kitchenware, she can be found dancing on the stages of Calgary in musical theatre. Didn't ya know we have an actress in house? She has a passion for coffee and is a real joy to work with. She has some warm smiles and friendly conversations waiting for you when you are ready to stop in for a cup with us. 



This is the (manager) lady behind the cheesecake! So the next time you are in, you can have a slice and compliment the baker in shop! She also fills us all with muffins, cookies, and any other baked good she bakes up for our customers. She will always greet you with a smile, even if its looking away from your camera when its time for a photo op. 



As good as that cup of coffee this gal makes you, you wouldn't know she is actually an avid tea drinker who never really developed a taste for coffee. She really enjoys spending some of her evenings with us and spending time with the people who come to see her.