Introducing a Summer Tea Series!

We are going to start this revamp off right and celebrate with our Summer Tea Series. Oh yeah, we mean, Summer's close enough, can't we just pretend so we can serve you fruity tea? Well, thank you for agreeing. First up, we introduce this yummy Berry Berry Herbal Iced Tea


This is an enchanting blend, lightly sweet and fragrant with the flavor of freshly picked raspberries. We've added pure, natural flavor from fresh, ripe raspberries. The result is a bold fruity vibe that is both sweet and tangy. 


This little baby is seasonal for now and is available as of May 19th, 2017 for only $3.50! Say what? Yep! This will be a wonderful way to enjoy those warm nights to come whenever it's a little too late for coffee. You can even sweeten it a little more with some simple syrup!