Remembering the Flood of 2013 with Lindsay Snodgrass


We took our Chai Tea Lattes to the Charles Clark park on this gorgeous afternoon day to chat about Lindsay's experience with the flood. Not even four years after, in a park seated alongside the river bank, and you wouldn't know that this park too, was a victim to the circumstances that happened in 2013. But here we sit, resilient, on a gorgeous summer day.

Lindsay and her family reside in High River and were directly hit with the flood, and joined in the unknown and "what nows" with so many families that summer. 

Lindsay was away for her midwifery practicum and her husband, Craig, was away at a funeral in Calgary. Lindsay found out about the flood from random new articles and friends status's being updated on Facebook. She called her husband to figure out what in the world could be happening to their home in that moment, and to their cat and dog. Their dog, most likely hanging out on the back porch, Lindsay frantically asked Craig to go check on them and see what damage had been done. When Craig arrived to their neighborhood, he was unable to actually go into it, as it was underwater. He waved down some guys in a boat rescuing people and animals and they were able to tend to their animals and rescue them. 

After that, Lindsay was fine to roll with whatever happened because ultimately, it was out of her control and it was "just stuff." Everyone was safe and all she could do was help the community around her and try to wait for the permission to go back to her house.  When they were able to enter and see where they were to go from there, their basement and all the memories stored away in it were covered in the flood and mud and debris. 

Lindsay recalls hanging her wedding dress, covered in dirt and mud on, a tree out to dry, staring in disbelief and shock at what had just happened to her home and her town. 

Today, they have pretty much recovered from the damage that summer, and have welcomed their beautiful son Oren into their world just two and a half years ago. And though there are no tangible pictures of Lindsay and Craig in the early days available to share with Oren when he get's a little older, they have all of those early day memories stored in their hearts and will be sharing them each and every day, by merely living in the now and loving the life they have been given. 

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